Saturday, 14 March 2009

Meant To Say....

Meant to tell you all this the other day, but forgot. I had an email from Stephanie at PetitPlat, telling me she had written about me and my Truffle Tutorial over on her CDHM Blog.
A big Thank you to Stephanie and I hope she's now enjoying her trip to Korea..
The picture is of the Truffles, Stephanie made after following my Tutorial.

Also meant to tell you that I've put a link in my side bar of Sites that I Stalk, a link to my photobucket albums. In case any of you want a nose..


MiniKat said...

I sense hours slipping past anyone who starts peeking through your photobucket album. I think I will hold off until the weather turns foul again. ;-)

Debbie said...

Minikat, there's not that many pictures in there at the moment, keep forgetting to update it..

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