Monday, 23 March 2009

Last Lot Of Pictures From Miniaturia..

Last lot of Photographs from yesterday.
This is Bob and Doreen. Bob is known as Country Contrast. Can you believe Bob was a Truck Driver, he now makes Miniature's.
Doreen his better half, organises Dolls House Fairs and also runs an on line shop Small Wonders Miniatures. Which I've talked about on my blog before. Doreen is the only one that Nikki supplies with her Miniatures.If you click on the names of the shops it will take you over to their websites.
Thank you Bob & Doreen for allowing me to take pictures of the stall.


Katie's Clay Corner said...

Hey thanks for sharing all these with us..I love seeing what people are doing, and thanks for making the pictures BIG so we can see all the amazing detail that it there!! I think I'd come home

Sans said...

Pictures like this are especially good for people like me who's so far away from all these shows. Thank you, Debbie!

Maria said...

Thanks a lot of pictures from fair! I wish I could some day also participate something like that...

Pubdoll said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures of all the beautiful items
and thank you for following my blog!

Your blog is so lovely, and my son and I had a nice time together this morning studying the pictures from Diagon Alley! As all the rest of the world, he's also a great Harry Potter fan.


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Glad you both had a great day, it looks like there was an amazing turnout stallwise, did you find the amount of people attending was good, as so many people say fairs arnt as well attended as they used to be, i suppose because of the credit crunch. Would have loved to have gone and spent some pennies there!

Tallulah~Belle said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos Debbie...I am so envious I wasn't there. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Think I'll have to schedule my next visit 'home' around Miniatura time :-)

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