Sunday, 15 March 2009

More Of Kat's Hats...

Last week I was lucky enough to win another three of Kats hats from Ebay. Kats got some lovely hats on there at the moment. I have to resist..
They came in the post yesterday and Kat had put in the parcel a stack of books she'd made. Thank you so much Kat, they are going in the Apothecary.
The Red, Black and Mauve hat has lace, feathers, Roses and a Black Bird on one side, but as you turn it round, there is a big fat juicy Spider on the other side. The Black & Mauve one also has Roses, Netting , and a lovely crystal hat pin,but if you look carefully, there is a Black Rat on there with little Crystal eyes.
Last but not least is the Coffee and Cream confection, which is covered in Ribbon Roses. If you click on the pictures they should pop up bigger.
I think this Hat Shop is going to have to be quite big to house my ever growing collection..


rosanna said...

Simply unbelievable! they are gorgeous. You are a lucky witch. mini hugs

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Arnt they just superb, they are completly addictive Debbie, I won some too this week yipee, now I can change my window display for the Witch's new Spring seasons hats!
Kate xx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Lovely hats Debbie. I love Kats hats but dare not buy any.I've not even finished my other 2 houses and if i buy them then a new building will have to move in too. 3 house would just scare me too much at the moment.
I do have 4 of her lovely hats and one of them has a tiny hedgehog around the rim, which i just adore.

Marja said...

what will you have a wonderful collection of hats
much fun to hear it!
am a bit jealous ... I can not order through ebay
but who knows I'll ever do such a beautiful witches hat
huggs Marja

The Carolina Quilter said...

These are wonderful! So creative.

And thank you for the award.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Kat The Hat Lady said...

Debbie, Loved the photo you took of my hats so much I sent it to my Mum ha ha ha!
I really need to buy myself a good camera! Any tips on what to buy would be fab! Kat the hat lady xxx

MiniKat said...

I finally couldn't take the strain anymore. Here's hoping the ebay gods are good to me. Between your posts and Kat's blog... anyone would be tempted. Just don't tell my husband. ;-)

marlies said...

These are great hats! I like the purple one!!
* marlies

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