Thursday, 12 March 2009

More Followers.. Welcome All

Since Yesterday, I have another three followers,
a big welcome to you all.
They are:-
Sir Richard who's blog is called Sir Richard's Tool Kit. This is a blog well worth looking at, as Sir Richard explains what all the tools are used for and there's lots on there involving Miniatures.
A.Wright who's blog is called Every Little Thing, who's blog is dedicated to 1:12 and 1:144 scale miniatures, who is currently working on a Rosewood Micro.
And Annina who doesn't have a blog, but is a follower of a few Miniature Blogs and does have a flickr album to look at.

As always please go over and say Hi....

1 comment:

*annina* said...

i haven't started blogging yet - but if you're interested have a look at my work on flickr:

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