Sunday, 9 December 2007

Wet Wet Weather...

Well I did go out to do food shopping on Friday and called into see Diane on the way home, to pick out our Christmas Tree. Decided on a 6ft this year, as once its in the stand and the fairy is on top it will be nearly 7ft anyway.
Harry enjoyed his trip out on Friday with his Rugby team, they played their match, showered and then had tea in the club house. They then watched the Osprey's beat Ulster and he got back to the school around 11pm.
Saturday Ben helped me move all the bottles of spirit from the kitchen out into the Utility room and sort out a load of bits from the cupboards. Loads of it needed to be washed as the building dust had got into all the old cupbaords.He also helped me with mucking out the stables, doing the wheelbarrow run for me. The ground is so muddy at the moment. We had a leak last night on the dishwasher and it was lucky Ben went out to the kitchen for something and noticed all the bubbles pumping out from under the dishwasher door, so we throw loads of tea towels on the floor to mop up the water. Its sorted now thank goodness.. The dishwasher was leaning forward to much and so the water was coming out the front of the door... Nothing is ever straight forward in this house. Its all level now and hopefully, its cured the problem. Well I hope it has.
Today I've been trying to catch up with washing and putting some more bits away. Caught up with a couple of friends on the phone in between Ben & Katie chatting..
The weather is appaling here at the moment, we've been getting really high winds and torrential rain, but at least we know that there are no leaks in the new roof...

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