Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Posting Day...

Well I sold nearly all of my bits on Ebay, just 3 didn't sell, so they've been re listed. Everything that's been paid for is now wrapped and ready to go to the post office.
Harry came home from school with a temperature last night, so I've kept him off school today. He's supposed to be playing Rugby at the Swansea Liberty Stadium on Friday and then watching a professional match, Osprey's V Ulster, so I'm hoping that he'll be able to go. Let's hope he'll be better by then.
Didn't manage to get the Christmas tree yesterday, time was against me, will try and get there today, if I have time. The weather here is horrible, high winds and rain, makes everyone miserable, I'd rather it be cold and dry. I'm sick of the dogs & cats bringing mud in on their paws, there's mud everywhere and the smell of wet dog is disgusting, thank god for Febreeze.. The ponies have poached the earth around the gates so every time I go out there my boots are sinking in mud, its a constant battle at the moment to keep the floor clean.
Worktops are definately being fitted today, sink hole was cut yesterday, but one of the units was out of line, so it had to come out and be adjusted and refitted. Only 20 days till Christmas, can you believe its come round so fast?.

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