Sunday, 23 December 2007


Was awake this morning about 7am feeling pretty sick, tried to ignore the feeling but decided to get up and have a cuppa instead. Had to go to the Butcher's today to pick up our meat for Christmas, which is now tucked up nicely in the fridge.

Walked up the fields this morning to open the gates to one of the paddock's so that the ponies could have free range, they all followed me and started munching away immediately. As I was walking back down the field Mick shouted up at me to look behind me, which I did and little Athena was following me, so I stopped walking turned round to face her and called her name, she came running straight at me and then started jumping and bucking with excitement, it was so lovely to watch her, she then stopped came right up to me and put her head up, ready for a kiss. She is such a dear little soul. Eventually after about 10 minutes playing with her and giving her a good scratch, I walked her back to the others and told her to stay with them, which she did, I'm sure she understands every word I say to her.

Had a visit from Rhidan & Judy this afternoon, they used to rent our land from us when we first moved here. It was a nice surprise, showed Judy the house as she'd never been further then the kitchen before when the other owners lived here.
Watched Noel's Christmas Presents tonight it was on sky one at 6pm, what a wonderful programme, I cried my eyes out.
Had a bit of a fright tonight, Harry heard a knock at the front door and I went to answer it, only to see 2 Policeman standing there, god my heart missed a beat, thought something terrible had happened. As it turned out they wanted to know if we had called them as a man had been reported unconscious in Cwm Cou, we had a police car and ambulance parked outside the house, they had called at another house and was directed up the hill to us, told them it wasn't us and that I hoped that they would find him. We checked the drive to make sure he hadn't wandered in from the layby. The problem is as well as there are no street lights it is pitch black outside, so unless you knew where to look it could be quite a problem finding someone. Just hope who ever it was managed to get up and find their way home.
Mick's Dad rang tell me that he had been to the Cemetery yesterday to lay some flowers on my families grave and had taken a picture for me, as I wanted to see what the flowers were like. There were another two wreaths on there, one I think is from my parents Godson and the other from my Mum and Dad's friends. It was always a family tradition that 2 pale blue ribbons were put in the wreath to represent my brothers Richard & Dean. When Mum died we added a pink ribbon and then when Dad died a dark blue ribbon. I'd just like to say thank you to the friends and family that visit the Grave for me, it means a great deal to me and I really appreciate it.
Ben's girlfriend Katie has had a really bad nose bleed tonight, apparently it's gone on for over an hour, so her parents have taken her to A & E to have it checked out. Waiting to hear how she is, will update tomorrow.. Hope everything is ok Katie xxxx.

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