Friday, 7 December 2007


The new taps we ordered arrived yesterday and are now fitted in the sink in the Utility room. New cupboards are up on the wall, finally seem to be making some progress.
Harry's gone back to school today as he was desperate to play in the Rugby match tonight and watch the game afterwards. He's not due back until 11pm tonight. He'll probably have pneumonia next week, playing Rugby with his cold in this awful weather, what with the rain and high winds. He's taken extra clothes with him and a big coat.
Off to do some food shopping today, plenty of miniature food in the house, but none to eat. Also going to get the Christmas tree today. Was trying to decide where we are going to put it, although the lounge is quite big, at the moment we still have the kitchen table in there and some other bits. Which is making the room feel a bit cramped. My have to reorganise the room, to make some space....

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