Saturday, 15 December 2007


No Blog yesterday, was really busy. Still trying to get the house sorted before Christmas. Bloody dishwasher leaked again today, think the rubber sill is to blame, must check can't remember if I have it insured or not? Could do without another bill right on top of Christmas.
Harry brought home a letter for a school journey for next year in June, which he wants to go on, deposit of £30 needed now to secure a place. He had a call from his friend Tom this morning inviting him over there tomorrow, need to drop him off at 10.30am.
Took some pictures of Tab, he looks so cute, you know butter wouldn't melt, but he is a little minx.
We did have a laugh on Friday morning, which I forgot to write on my blog... Thursday evening Tab was playing with a little mouse toy that she has and flicked it across the floor, Mick said "I thought that was a real mouse", as he'd seen it from the corner of his eye as it shot across the floor. Friday morning while we were having a cuppa, Mick Say's "well that is a real mouse, look walking across the lounge", and it was, this little field mouse ambling along under the table it went and then walked straight into Tab's cage, where he pounced on it immediately. Tab nearly tore my hands to shreds as I pried the poor little thing away from her. It was still alive so I took the mouse outside and let it go. We think one of the other cat's had brought it in and it had managed to get away under the lounge door, only to be caught again by a ferocious kitten!

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