Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Catch Up...

No blog yesterday, didn't seem to get the time. We had a leak in the Utility room so that had to be sorted out yesterday. All seems OK now. Sink is going in today & worktops being fitted.
My stuff on Ebay seems to be selling only 3 bits haven't had a bid, so I'll re list if they don't sell.
Had a phone call from Woolworths the wii has arrived so will need to go and pick that up either tonight or tomorrow.. Also want to go and get our Christmas tree tomorrow... Not sure whether to have a 7ft or 6ft. Think we had a 7ft one last year.
The boys like to decorate it and its tradition that Ben puts the Fairy on the top of the tree, well he's the only only that can reach, without using a ladder!!! Also want to put up our artificial tree in the boys room, but Ben didn't seem that keen when, we was discussing it yesterday, think he was having a bah humbug moment. They had it in there last year and it looked lovely, so if they don't want the tree up, I'll just decorate the Mantel over the fire and maybe put some lights in the log burner, for a bit of festive cheer... I've done nearly all of my Christmas shopping, just a few little bits to get.

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KatieKatastrophe said...

I will be overpacking I reckon, but I do have some to take down my presents. I've got yours and all of Ben's, I didn't get you much, just something you might use. I'm stuck what to get Harry and Mick though. My mum will help out with getting Harry something, Ben said to just get Mick some shortbread, but I wanna get something more. Afterall, it is new years I'm down for. Talk to you soon! Katie xoxo

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