Thursday, 6 December 2007

Missing Taps...

Didn't get round to going to get the Christmas Tree yesterday, spent all afternoon searching for a box of taps.. The taps are for the sink in the Utility room and were in a white box in the kitchen, but mysteriously they have disappeared. I went through every cupboard and drawer and still couldn't find them. I have a feeling that they've been chucked out with a load of rubbish. We checked the caravan, the workshop, went through a heap of rubbish and still no taps! I got so annoyed that I completely lost the plot, so have now ordered another set. You can bet your life as soon as they arrive we will find the others.
Had a Christmas Card from some friends of my Mum & Dad's yesterday, saying that they were going up to visit the Grave. Also said that the wooden cross was still there and did I want them to get rid of it. Which I don't. I've already discussed this with another friend Val and Micks Dad, and asked that if they go could they get the cross and just remove the brass plaque and send it to me. After the day I had yesterday, it freaked me out thinking that these other people will remove it and just destroy it. So Mick rang his Dad and he is going to the Cemetery today for me to get it. I'm just hoping its not already been removed. I'm going to ring these other friends today and tell them that it is already sorted.

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