Saturday, 21 April 2012

Walworth Terrace

Here's another one of my Houses, that has been in storage.
Its called Walworth Terrace and was built by Peter Hunt of Perfect Miniatures. Again, I don't think Peter is making Houses any more.

The more I look at this House, the more I think it would make a great Grimmauld Place. Another project..


Jill said...

Yes!!! It would be so fun to turn that into Grimmauld Place. Just think of the possibilities!

Graham Baker Photography said...

We will have to visit again; I would lave to take some photographs of your miniatures!

Troy said...

not familiar with the term "Grimmauld Place" ?

Debbie said...

Jill, glad you can see it too...

Graham, it would be lovely to see you all and the new addition to the family. Loving your photographic blog.

Troy "Grimmauld Place" is Sirius Blacks Family Home, in Harry Potter.

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