Thursday, 19 April 2012

The Stage Coach

Many Moons ago, I went to the London Tom Bishop Fair, in Twickenham.
While I was there, I saw and fell in Love with a Indian Squaw and her Child. I had visions of a scene, that included a Teepee, with Indian Art, Pots etc. But like most of my projects, they get written down in my trusty note book and never see fruition. They were wrapped and packed away.
When we moved here seven years ago, I saw a Stagecoach on a auction site, put in a bid and won it. Well that Stagecoach has sat in its box, just waiting to see the light of day. It finally came out of its box about two weeks ago and is now sitting in a Display Cabinet in my Craft room.
I now have a scene in my head of the Stagecoach filled with luggage and people, stopping to buy trinkets from the Indian Squaw and her Child.

But you never know, next week it could be something completely different...


Chelle said...

Beautiful ♥♥

Debie Lyons said...

Its beautiful Debs, perhaps just as it is.

Jennifer Berkeley said...

Wonderful stagecoach!

Jill said...

Beautiful dolls-- and that stagecoach is so great! It's kind of ironic (in a sweet way) that so many Americans (myself included) are enchanted by English cottages, and you are enchanted by your sweet Indians. My parents bought an Indian squaw doll for me when I was little and I loved it. Your dolls bring back sweet memories.

Fabiola said...

Bye Faby

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