Saturday, 14 April 2012

Coming Together...

The next job on the agenda, after all that painting was to get some power. Everything got measured and the back boxes went up on the walls. I had them placed high, so that I wouldn't be scrabbling about on the floor and that the sockets didn't get covered by any units. Once all the cables had been run, on the 29th February, they were connected up to a consumer unit. Then we laid the flooring. The underlay, also acts as insulation. I was lucky, as we had quite a lot of stuff already, that was left over from the House renovations, including the Floor underlay.
Electric Boxes Going Up

Side Wall Electric Boxes

Cables Being Run

Cables Connected Up To The Consumer Unit

Electrics Finished

Underlay & Flooring Going Down

Flooring Nearly Finished

Flooring Nearly Finished

Flooring Finished


Lataina said...

Your space is so wonderful! I can only dream. LOL =)

rosanna said...

It is an AMAZING space !!!

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