Monday, 16 April 2012

Dad's Cabinet

When we moved to Wales, I brought quite a bit of furniture, from my Mum & Dad's House, with us.
My Dad collected Stamps, and this big old Cabinet, was where he stored his Stamp Albums. I wanted to give it a make over, so that I could use it to put my Room Boxes and Vignettes in.
Well it turned out to be a mammoth job. The way the Cabinet is built, it is impossible, to remove the Glass sliding doors. So it was a case of keep moving the glass, to get to a bit, that hadn't been painted.

I gave the whole Cabinet a light sanding and then a coat of undercoat, but the wood showed through. tried another coat and still the colour came through. Eventually, I had to buy another tin of undercoat, that is especially formulated for dark furniture. Although when I put it on, it drys like Battleship Gray. Then its had a top coat of Satin Wood Paint. I'm really pleased with how its come up. I've also rubbed down, one of my old Dining Room Chairs and that's having a make over as well...


Lataina said...

I love seeing this whole process. Your craft cottage is going to be beautiful! I hope someday I am able to have my own little space of crafting heaven. =)

Kathi said...

Great cabinet! It will be perfect for display!
I love the wood you used on the wall and the floor is gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing your project. Everything looks wonderful!

KC-Design said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful cabinet!!
I need one :-))

Debs said...

Good work, the pieces will look great together - where there is will there is a way.

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