Monday, 23 April 2012

Junk Shop Cottage 1:24th Scale

I brought this little Cottage, from a Junk shop in Kent, when we lived there. I can't remember how much I paid for it, but its written down in my Dolls house book, which I am still yet to unearth. It's 1:24th Scale and can be carried by the handle in the top that also acts as the Cottages Chimney. I have blogged , about it before.
When I brought it, it didn't have any windows or doors in it. Ron, one of the men that went to our Dolls House Club, kindly made me the windows and doors. The little windows have been etched, so that they look like they have been leaded. If you click on the pictures, they should pop up bigger.

I spent some time on it, the other day while it was raining, trying to get the Green and Gold Shiny paper out of one of the rooms and get the remainder of some other papers, out of the others. I've also measured every room fully, as they are all slightly different sizes and done a rough sketch, of what each room, is going to be.
I've been looking at Bea's, 1:24th Furniture Kits, over at Petite Properties. I'm particularly taken with their Double sink, the Range Cooker, the Double Dresser and the range of Cottage Kitchen Cupboards. I think they would fit in this little Cottage perfectly.
My Grand sort out, is coming along nicely, but is taking hours. There are things packed in boxes, that I'd completely forgotten about. Well they have been packed away for seven years. Lots of arranging and re-arranging, going on at the moment. I've got lots more to show you all.
A big Welcome to all my new followers, I hope you enjoy reading my blog and comments are welcome.


Chrissey said...

Wow its lovely little house, look forward to seieng more of it, Bea has the most lovely furniture kits now xx

Fabiola said...

This cottage has many rooms!
Bye Faby

DollMum said...

I am so pleased you have got your workshop at last and are rediscovering your miniatures - it is good to see what surprises you unearth every day from storage

joy said...

What a lovely little house Debbie. So unusual & plenty of rooms to fill :)

MinisOnTheEdge said...

This should be fun to decorate! I Love how many rooms there are and this style is easier to wallpaper!

Kathi said...

This is a great little cottage. I'm really beginning to love the little scale houses. I am completely out of room for another large one! I love Bea's houses and furniture too. I have a little Fairfield I'd like to work on soon.
Thanks for sharing your minis and houses! I love looking over your shoulder. :D

johanna janhonen said...

Congrats, you got the MTW Award 2012 :). See

Ana Anselmo said...

Debbie, this is the first time I see a house that opens like this one, in the middle, I like the idea, i am thinking, could it works also with a bigger house/ scale?
i am sure the final result will be lovely!

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