Friday, 20 April 2012

Chapel Road Dolls House

This is another one of my House's, that has been in storage.
It was made by Steve Hilbert of Chapel Road. Chapel Road, were very well known for their Pubs.But unfortunately I don't think they make them anymore. This however is one of their Houses, I love the little Greenhouse and side garden.

My Dad brought me this house, from another collector who was selling their collection. There is some beautiful furniture, that goes in this house, but its still wrapped somewhere in a box. If you click on the pictures, they should pop up bigger..


Lori said...

Wow Debbie! I Have just been catching up un your blog. (I have been busy for months now with family & medical stuff.) I LOVE your new space! I do long for one of those, but i am several years off from that. I'm so glad you finally got a place to spread out & put everything exactly where you want it. I know its a bit late, but I did want to say Congrats to you! Happy unpacking & organizing. :)

My Wee Life said...

Love your pub/house - I always wanted one of those but 'never got round to it'. You've got a lovely space now for everything:)

contar said...

es una casa muy interesante, una pieza de colección muy bella.
un abrazo

is a very interesting house, a beautiful collector's item.
a hug

Chris said...

That is lovely Debbie, I especially like the carpets! Did you have it decorated as a pub?

KC-Design said...

I LOVE your house, Debbie!
I can imagine how it will look, ready decorated, as a pub!


KC-Design said...

I LOVE your house, Debbie!
I can imagine how it will look, ready decorated as a pub, wonderful!


Fabiola said...

This house is wonderful. I like the carpets. I'm curious to see the furniture.
Bye Faby

elis said...

Nice pub/house. I loved it.

Debs said...

This house is fab, I too really love the greenhouse.

Kathi said...

Ilove that you are back posting again! I missed your minis when you were so sick last year... So thankful that your are better now!

Love this house. I want to make a little garden like this... it is a nice addition. :D

It's a Tiny Tiny World said...

Ah! It's gorgeous. I'm jelly :D

Giac said...

Hi Debbie,
It's a beautiful building! You really have some wopnderful piece in your collection.
All the best,

Collector53 said...

Those are lovely dollhouses. I have been reviewing and selling dollhouses for years. I would not mind featuring some of these at some point.
Sarah Jane

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