Sunday, 11 April 2010


I have some new followers Welcome one and all..
They are:-
Michelle who's blog is called Michelle's Poppenhuis En Miniaturen, it's a beautiful blog and for those of you that like Shabby Chic your like this.
Lunanoa2003 who I can't find a blog for.
Hifly again who I can't find a blog for.
Lorraine who's blog is called Dollhouse Mini's by Dfly Creations. Lorraine hasn't been blogging long. I'm her first follower. She also has a website called Dfly Creations and an Etsy shop in which she currently has some Witch/Wizard stuff.
Ivana who seems to be following me twice. She has a beautiful blog called Miniaturas Brasileiras - Brazilian Miniatures.
Petite Creation who's blog is also called Petite Creation. Lots of yummy mini food on this blog.
Kirsty who's blog is called Mini Menagerie. Kirsty makes the most wonderful cute miniature animals. A lot of you will know Kirsty from over on CDHM. Prepare for cute overload..
Fantasyli Li who again I can't find a blog for.
Natascha who's blog is called A World Of Miniatures. Natascha is new to the blogosphere, but has already shared some lovely minis on her blog.
Alita who's blog is called Alita y su rincon, Lots of mins on this blog as well.
KLC who again I can't find a blog for.
Dee who's blog is called Time Tamed. Dee sculpts miniature animals and is currently workinon a cat.
And last up is Lucky Little Fringer who again I can find no information on.

As always please go over and say Hi.... xxxx


Fiver said...

Hiiiiiii Debbie :D
Thanks for the nice welcome and mention of my blog!! This blogging thing is really kind of fun, LOL. I now have 36 followers-whoohooo!! I can't believe you have 434!!!!!!! Holy Cow!

Debbie said...

Kristy your very welcome.There are some wonderful people out there in Blogland..xx

michelle said...

Thanks for the nice welcome, Debbie!

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