Saturday, 10 April 2010

New Blogs On The Block...

Just wanted to let everyone know about two new blogs.
One is Bob's of Country Contrast, who's blog is also of the same name Country Contrast. Bob makes the most wonderful food items, distressed furniture and great enamel ware..
The other is Doreen's, Bob's better half. Doreen organises and runs the Doreen Jeffries Doll's House Fairs and also has a wonderful web site of her own called Small Wonders Miniatures, her blog is also of the same name Small Wonders Miniatures.
Please go over and give them both a very big welcome to the blogosphere.. xxx


Deb said...

I'm glad Country Contrast has a blog, I've ordered some great things from them.

Michelle's Mad World said...

Ooooh it's simply fabulous that they have blogs! I've bought so much from them both, Doreen sells the most amazing and different mini's! :o))

Michelle xxx

Jean Day said...

What wonderful items they make and so much selection. Thanks for sharing yet again, you are so great!

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