Saturday, 3 April 2010


A very big Welcome to some more followers they are:-
Anna who's blog is called Anna's Minis. Go and have a look at her lovely little Easter Bunnies, that she's made from pipe cleaners, they are so cute.
Ernesto who is from Argentina and his blog is called Punto Sur. Ernesto is a member of AIM and CDHM. He has some fabulous miniatures on his blog and tutorials.
Monica who is from Brazil and who's blog is called Monica Quaggio Augusto - Miniaturas Modelando, now when I first looked at this blog I thought the chairs were life sized..
Carolm who's blog is called true2scale. Carol hasn't been blogging long, but has already shared lots of wonderful minis and a photoshop tutorial on her site. Thank you Carol.
Melissa who's blog is called South Side Atlanta Paranormal Society. Melissa is a real life Paranormal investigator who has a Dolls House and enjoys making miniatures.
Roxanne who's blog is called Baking In Miniature and also has an Etsy shop of the same name. Roxanne makes 1:12 scale Art Dolls and Miniature scenes.
My Wee Life who's blog is also called My Wee Life. Who loves anything Witchy and Halloween and also photography.
AIM who is Artisans In Miniature, the people that bring you a fabulous blog created by Miniature Artisans and your free on line magazine. If you haven't had a look at this months, I suggest you do, its packed with wonderful minis. (I'm in there again..LOL)
Katie who's blog is called Sugarpatch, just go and have a look at her WIP of a painting of The Mad Hatter. It is fabulous.
Ivani who's blog is called Ivanigrande. Ivani makes the most wonderful food creations and has also made a fabulous Easter Bunny Scene. I love the little Bunny peeking through the window. Ivani is also one of my friends on Facebook. Hi Ivani..x
And last but not least is Monique who likes to be called Moon. Her blog is called Moon's Miniatures and it is filled with them. Moon also has a Dutch blog called Moon's Miniaturen, which is also totally fabulous.

As always please go over and say Hi,

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My Realitty said...

Happy Easter! Happy Spring! CM

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