Sunday, 11 April 2010

Weird & Wonderful Call...

Today I was talking to Nikki over at Witch & Wizard Miniatures. We do that quite a lot. If anyone had been eaves dropping on our conversation, they would have thought we both needed to be in the Looney Bin.
Nikki was saying, that she was really worried that she still hasn't made enough for Kensington. So I said to her, right tell me over the phone what you've made and I'll make a list, then I'll read it back to you and I bet your be surprised at what you've got. So Nikki was walking round opening boxes and telling me the contents over the phone.
Well can you imagine, there was mention of pots of bones, blood, potions, hanging pumpkins, mandrakes, dragon skin, Cauldrons and dissecting boards, to name a few. Then the pair of us get the giggles about nothing in particular. I think our respective families think we are quite mad. LOL. (Refer to the above photograph of the Owls, this is one of mine and Nikki's favourite photographs, I'll leave it up to you to put a name to the Owls). Anyway after reading the list back to Nikki, I think even she was surprised at just how much she has made. She's got some lovely surprises that she hasn't shown on her blog yet and a few more items to finish and a few she wants to start, but she's definitely getting there..
This evening while Mick and the boys were watching the TV. I've been distressing white wood furniture again for Diagon Alley, well for the Apothecary to be exact. I'm really pleased that I've managed to match up the colour to the other table and Bookcase, that I had already distressed for in there. Hopefully, tomorrow I can start rearranging the tables and all the other bits and pieces.


Anonymous said...

It is looking beautiful.

Marsha (Sassy Mini Dolls) said...

Oh, I like this piece, Debbie!!!

LOL, I think anyone listening in on a miniaturist's conversation would think we're all bonkers, LOL, you paid how MUCH for a roll of toile paper?! You drove HOW FAR to a show?!?! I have body parts strewn all over my work table at the moment, LOL


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Once again i don't think i have enough and have decided to do a night shift to get some things moving. Blooming holidays leave me unable to get much done in the day.
Was really nice of you to make me think because im working in a complete tip and dont know what ive made, what im making and what i need to make. I think people that do shows all the time are amazing and must be super organised because i'm finding it really hard going.
I'm the owl with the bent neck, lol, by the way!
It's nice that you are back to making mini's and sorting Diagon Alley. The dresser look lovely!
Back to my sewing table i must go.
Nikki xxx

Lori said...

The shelves are looking good. I can't wait to see what you put into them!

julie campbell said...

LOL Debbie I love that photo !
I really feel for nikki with her first kensington. This is my first spring KDF although I have been there before as a helper and exhibited at the 1 day xmas show.
The whole 3 day thing is terifying stock wise !! I think Nikki willknock 'emdead though with her table.
I haven't yet started work on my special pieces as I've had fairs in between,one is this saturday and am still working for that ....
might not get out of the shed much until May LOL ( manic laughter) to panic !

rosanna said...

Nikki,is lucky cause she can talk to you and share her anxiety. I'm absolutely certain that she will be a hit! Her work is wonderful, witty and fun. I'm glad you have gone back to mini furniture, I miss your daily posts on Diagon Alley. But take care of yourselves. Hugs Rosanna
PS I'm sure that eavesdroping your cphonehat would be really humorous....dragon bones anybody?!

Debbie said...


Marsha I can remember being in a crowded place and saying oh my did I leave those eyes in the oven. I did get some very strange looks. LOL xxx

Hello my Little Mad Friend hows the neck..LOL Luv u

Thank you

Julie I feel for you getting all that stock ready. Nikki is in panic mode already. Looking forward to your

Debbie said...

Hi Rosanna, you would have been laughing at us two giggling! Definitely not the full shilling the pair of us. Hopefully I'll have more to share on Diagon Alley later

Debie Lyons said...

LOL I know what your phone calls a like :O) Its good Nikki has got you there Debs, its hard getting ready for a show and you always feel that you never have enough. I think that its going to be a fabulous show for Nikki and it will really get her the recognition for her work that she really deserves.
I love what you are doing with Diagon Alley Debs and its nice to see you working on it. I love distressed furniture.
Debie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Old Maid said...

I love this dresser and the colour! You and Nikki are lucky to have each other friendship:)

WendiesMiniWorld said...

I love that pic! :o) and your hutch looks great too, I havnt done any mini-ing again for ages.... cant get into it while hubbs is at home all the time and littlun being off school doesnt help either :o( maybe I should do a nightshift like what Nikki's planning? LOL Id love to make minis fulltime but know Im rubbish at organising myself and doubt Id ever be able to make enough stuff for a show!! I have maximum respect for all those that do xxx

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