Thursday, 15 April 2010

Have You Heard The News ???

I was supposed to be going to the Hospital to see my Consultant tomorrow, for the results of my CT Scan. But this afternoon I had a telephone call from the Hospital, saying that due to the Volcano erupting in Iceland, my Consultant can't get back into the UK. All flights have been grounded! The truth is often stranger then fiction.
To read the full story click here. News Report..
So now I'm going to have to wait for another appointment to come through and just hope it won't be another six weeks...


The Dangerous Mezzo said...

My husband has been following the news of the volcano and the closure of European airspace on the BBC -- it's an amazing story, isn't it?

I hope you get another appointment soon and don't have to wait ...

Michelle's Mad World said...

I hope you don't have to wait too long for a reappointment! :O))

Oh, yes I saw it on the news last night. One of my friends was flying out to Europe to visit her family..I'm sure she got to go as her flight was at 6.30 am. This could go on for weeks, just depends on which was that ole wind is blowing!

Michelle xxxx

CWPoppets said...

When I read the news first I thought it's some joke. Maybe it's me getting old but I think the world is getting more weird.

Brian Blacknick said...

Yup I heard the news about the airspace being closed due to the volcano this a.m. on the radio.

I hope they move you to the front of the line when they are rebooking appointments.

synnøve said...

Hi Debbie,
Thank you for visiting and leaving the nice comment, regaining my hope for the poor Lavender :)
About the news, it is kind of crazy and all of Norway's airports are closed. Tragic thing is; our roads and railway systems are close to a break down... what will happend if this continue!!!
I wish we could pour some of the magic poison from your mini world into the volcano and stop the whole eruption!!! Ha.ha.. wouldn't that be great!!
I hope you can schedule for another appointment soon and get to know the result. I have ben by your blog from time to time to follow your story and health. I really hope everything turns out well!
Have a nice evening Debbie, and take care:)
Synnøve :)

synnøve said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dale said...

That is wild about the volcano, I was just reading about that.

Sorry about your appointment though. :( That's a drag.

The Old Maid said...

Hope you won't wait long! Keep my fingers crossed:)

The Old Maid said...

Hope you will not have to wait too long! Keep my fingers crossed

Carol said...

Hi Debbie,hope you get another appointment soon.I am due to get the results of my CT scan on 4th May and it is at an inconvenient time.When I called the hospital to ask for another appointment it would have been the end of July-so,I going on the 4th.Carolx

julie campbell said...

well of all the reasons to cancel your appointment this has to be the most original !
hope you get rescheduled quickly,
julie xxx

Bear cabin miniatures said...

Debbie, watch the sunset tonight if you can. I am sitting in my dining room working and the sun is getting hazy. Aparantly, according to Derek The Weatherman!! we, in Wales are going to have a stunning coloured sunset and sunrise because the volcanic ash will disperse the sun's rays into reds, lilacs and pinks! Maybe worth a peek :-)

Hope you get a new appointment through quickly and that you are feeling ok.
Hugs, Julia xx

Merry Jingle said...

Yep, they are closing down all the airports here also. They say that the ash reaches Finland app. at 3 am and it's going to come down with the possible rain. Oh, this is going to be fun - the whole garden is so muddy and now we will have black rain, go figure :D

Hope that you get the new appointment soon,



It's incredible what is happening, climate change is affecting even the volcanoes. Hopefully it is resolved soon and not take too long appointment. A kiss.

Janice said...

A bizarre excuse that you wouldn't believe unless you had watched it on the television.
I hope you are able to re-arrange soon and that the delay does not cause you and your family any further anxiety.

Tallulah Belle said...

Hi Dennie

It was on the news here...they closed all of the airspace over the UK so it must have been bad. So many bad things happening about the world recently.

Hope they set you up with another appt soon. I was going to email you to ask how the swelling was as I've not seen you mention it in a while unless I missed it.

Lori said...

Man, I had no idea! I missed the news this morning & have been on the go all day at work. I hope you get your new appointment soon. Fingers crossed.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I saw the story on the news!! Hope you can get your appt. rescheduled soon.
Enjoy your weekend.

Lize said...

Yes, I am afraid that that eruption is 'striking' far and wide! 27, yes 27! of our International school's teachers are currently stuck in Europe and America (flying via Europe). So even in Saudi it has had it's effect.

And unfortunately, that doesn't mean you are on the next plane out! I do hope that you don't have to wait for a new appointment for too long Debbie!

Karin F. said...

I was catching up on my blog reading...and wondered if I had missed your post telling us what happened. Well now I know!
My stepdaughter who was supposed to be flying to the UK this week, also had her flight cancelled.
Quite unbelievable that they can't change the flight patterns.
Hope you won't have too long to wait for the next appt.
hugs Karin

Karin Corbin said...

This volcano is very much making itself felt in the miniature world this week.

I am here in Chicago attending the Tom Bishop International Miniature show. Almost a dozen of the vendors from Europe could not get out of the European airport to be here at the show. One woman who did make it caught the last flight out of Amsterdam.

Not just the vendors are affected, the people who had planned shopping trips to Chicago have also been caught in the air traffic problems.

Now the European vendors and customers who did come in early enough to get here won't be able to fly back home for who knows how long.

Karin Corbin said...

Karin F,
They can't change the flight patterns as all of Europe has skies full of ash. There is no route they can take to avoid it.

I have in my lifetime been in the ash fall of three active volcanos, two in Alaska and Mt. St. Helen near Seattle. It is funny to live with volcanos in my sight on any clear day. I rarely even think about the fact that many of them are active or just asleep and potentially active at a moments notice. Most days one just thinks, "what a beautiful mountain".

Karin F. said...

I don't think we in N America have ever had that much volcanic smoke above us. I too am following the news.
When Mt St Helens erupted weren't there some health concerns discussed? I know I'd be having sinus issues and breathing problems.

Karin Corbin said...

Just a quick follow up on the Volcano natural disaster as it is affecting miniatures. The European people who have come to Chicago miniature shows are stuck here for close to a week or more.

The local Chicago residents who do miniatures have in many cases offered to take them into their own homes to help those in financial need.

But in the longer term it is even more of a financial disaster as the artisans need to get home to make things to sell at the upcoming big dollhouse shows that supply a lot of their income for the year. Also many of them have classes to prepare materials for. Not only are they spending money to stay here they are losing more money in the near future because they are stuck here.

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