Friday, 12 September 2008


Something weird happened in my house last night! Both my boys now have vampire fangs. OK, I'm only kidding.
Ben is going to a costume party in a weeks time and wants to go as a Vampire! But he wanted the proper Fangs, that they use in films and the TV series. He'd found the web site in America Vampfangs.
I ordered Ben & Harry a pair each on Monday this week and they were here yesterday, how was that for fangtastic service! (excuse the Pun).
Anyway, these fangs custom fit over their own Canines. They come with all the stuff in a little coffin box. You get this special glue and capsules of powder, which you have to mix up put in the fangs and then put this over your own teeth and allow it to set. You then have to click them off and let them set. After they've set, they just click straight back on and stay there.
Harry did try to sneak out of the house this morning with them in, he wanted to wear them to School. Can you imagine the teachers faces if he had.

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kimsminiatures said...

My daughter Emily has these fangs too! She is all into the "Twilight" book series about the teen vampire love story. These things look so real. I'm taking her and her friends to see the midnight showing on the 21st. They are all wearing these fangs. Lol

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