Monday, 8 September 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

Well it has for today, but another lot due tomorrow!
Saturday, we popped into Carmarthen, to B & Q, so that I could get some more paint for the kitchen. Picked up the white paint and the cream for the walls, only to realise when I got home that I'd picked up the wrong colour! So will have to take another trip to swap it. While I was in B & Q, popped out to their garden bit, and boy did I spot a bargain. All the beautiful Lillie's had been reduced from £4.99 to 99p. Managed to find four pots that haven't been totally devastated by the rain. Also picked up a plant for the bank, another bargain at 99p, it looks a bit bedraggled but by the time I've split it and replanted it, I'm sure it will perk up. Properly get 4 smaller plants out of the one! Also picked up 3 trays of Pansies that had been reduced from £4.00 to 99p, these are also going to go on the bank. Don't you just love a bargain.
Today, while the rain has held off, managed to get the new guttering and facia boards up, along the outside of the Kitchen. Another job ticked of the list.
You can just see Merlin's nose in the picture of the trays of Pansies, well he was trying to get in the picture.

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