Thursday, 11 September 2008

This Week..

Tuesday, spent most of the day putting a coat of white paint, over the new plaster work in the Kitchen to seal it. You now need sun glasses on to go in there! Its so bright.
Wednesday, went back into Carmarthen to change the wrong colour paint I brought on Saturday, to the Ivory colour that I should have got. Also popped out the Garden centre while I was there and there were some more trays of Pansies that had been reduced to 20p and 50p. So brought another couple. Also some more Lilies, which had been marked down to 50p. Called into TK Maxx as well and managed to pick up a loose bottomed tart tin and a cake tin. The boys want me to make a chocolate, hazelnut and caramel tart! Also treated myself to a new blue enamel Wok from Wilkinson for £3, our old one has had it.
Today, our friend Rachel called over this morning for a cuppa and catch up. I then popped down to my other friend Diane's to pick up the Horse wormer's I'd ordered and some shavings. Want to get on with the painting again tomorrow, but need to put the scaffolding up for the end wall!

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