Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Making Hay While The Sun Shines...

Haven't been doing anything on the house this week, been too busy outside. Did some weeding on the bank in the little paddock. Still have loads of Flowers in bloom on there. Hoping that all the seeds will drop and the bank will be covered next year. The lovely Pansies, I planted in the bank on the drive, are not holding up very well, seems I have a large Slug problem. I don't want to use slug pellets! But they could be my only option.
Now we've made the Hay and it is stored in the Barn, want to concentrate on getting the outside of the House finished, while we have the good weather. Kitchen has taken a back seat.. Story of my life. I'll save the painting for a rainy day. Also want to clear some overgrown gorse & bracken from the very back field. Need to take the Loppers down there and the bush cutter.

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