Saturday, 27 September 2008

Grand Clear Up..

On Friday decided that now all the Hay is cut and away, that the corner of the bottom field, that backs onto the cottages, really needed a good clear up. It was totally overgrown and full of Brambles. We normally have it cut every Autumn, by Andrew who does our Hedges for us. So went down there with the Bush Cutter and I'm so glad I did. I don't know if it was the builders or the new people in the Cottage, but someone had emptied the remnants of a bonfire over the hedge. But not only that they'd also chucked over broken bottles, jam jars, bits of old rusty metal and broken china. I was absolutely fuming, can you imagine if I'd let the ponies in there and one of them had stood on the broken glass! It doesn't bear thinking about and also the consequences if the ashes hadn't been out, and it had set light to the hay growing in the field.. Now its been cut right back, I'll be keeping a very close eye to see if anything else appears over the hedge.
Saturday, we started on the downstairs of the barn, which as you know is full to the brim with stuff. Cleared one part of all the stuff , into the yard and sorted it out. The amount of crap that had accumulated in there was unbelievable. The floor in this part, had a couple of gaps, and the floor was uneven, I want to use this as another stable, but was worried about the floor, so that's now been filled and levelled.
Tash's Mum & Dad, Jackie & Alan also called in with a boot full of plants for me, to plant in the banks. Thanks Jackie really appreciate them. Looks like that's what I'll be doing later on today, planting... Off to bed now, before I turn into a Pumpkin....

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