Monday, 29 September 2008


Spent most of Sunday, putting in the Plants that Jackie & Alan brought over for me. Hoping that they all take. Also cleared some more stuff out of the Barn. The stuff we have accumulated is unbelievable. Moved all the furniture that we no longer need into the bit of the barn we cleared out on Saturday. I'm either going to get the local second hand furniture shop in or put it in the local free ads. Really need the space.
Today, I've been planting again, along the bottom of the bank in the little paddock. The compost heap has come into its own today, talk about black gold. Did have to laugh today, while I was planting Warrior was following behind me, it wasn't till I turned round that I realised that the little bleeder was pulling the plants out that I'd just put in. So had to replant the whole lot again! Still loads more to put in, but I've definitely made a dent.
Harry came home from school this evening saying that he'd hurt his foot. Well when I took his sock off you ought to have seen the lump. So straight down the Doctor's praying that he hadn't broke it. Luckily its just a bad sprain, so he's now in a Tubigrip stocking to support it and he's currently laying on the Sofa, with his foot elevated. So he will be off school for a couple of days until the swelling has gone down.

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