Monday, 13 October 2008

Weeding yet again..

Been a nice day again, so been outside in the little paddock, doing you guessed it weeding. Found a few Rosettes of Ragwort again. They were priority to get out, don't want the Ponies getting poisoned. Then started on the Stinging Nettles, the roots on them have to be seen to be believed! Ended up digging a huge patch out of the grass. Racked it all over and then put down some grass seed, in the patches. Also finished putting in the last plants in the bottom of the bank. Did some more rendering on the outside of the Kitchen wall, that's another job finished!
We are due Rain tomorrow, so maybe I'll get some painting done in the kitchen. I wonder if the Kitchen will ever be finished?.


Rhea said...

What color are you painting your kitchen? You sure sound busy! I'm impressed with all the weed pulling and planting you're doing.

Debbie said...

I'm painting the kitchen Cream & Ivory. We are always busy here, what with renovating the house and the Ponies.

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