Saturday, 4 October 2008

Another Frightening Experience

Talk about just had a really frightening experience, just hung up from talking to my friend Mary on the phone and Mick went out the kitchen to switch the kettle on and let the dogs out for a tinkle. Its chucking it down with rain. They all went out but only three came back in. Moses had disappeared. I had visions of Jade all over again. Called & called him but he didn't come in. Grabbed my coat & the torch and turned all the outside lights on. I ran down the yard screaming his name still nothing. Checked the fields nothing. Walked back down to the kitchen and noticed that the gate that leads up to the drive is open a bit. That's when total panic set in, just knew he'd gone down the drive to the road. Now as you can imagine there is no street lighting were we live and I had this awful feeling that he'd run into the road and be killed. I'm still calling him still nothing. Run back down and asked Mick to get the car as the torch was dying on me. I then went back out into the lay by and started walking down into the village. Mick then pulled up in the car and we drove down and took a little lane that leads down to the playing field. I've got the window open and I'm calling all the time. Suddenly Moses appeared by the side of the car. The shear relief. I jumped out of the car and quickly picked him up, as you can imagine, by now he is soaked to the skin and shaking. So I put him straight in the car and we drove home. Got him indoors and totally checked him over and he seems fine. Think he must have totally lost his bearings. He's now in his bed, drying off. Thank God he's safe...

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debi_in_Hawaii said...

What beautiful puppers, and a scary experience for you both... I'm glad baby is OK {{{HUGS}}}

and thank you for stopping by and being a follower :)

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