Friday, 24 October 2008

Happy 13th Birthday Harry.

Its Harry's 13Th Birthday today.. Another teenager in the house. LOL..
The boys broke up from school yesterday, so there wasn't any rush with him opening his cards and pressies this morning.
We'd already brought him a new computer for his room, which he had earlier this year, but knew it was an early Birthday present. We also got him, some clothes, DVD, Smellies and another course of Riding Lessons..
He's got three of his friends coming over today from 12 Noon, for a sleep over. Doubt if they will be doing much sleeping!
Happy Birthday Harry, I hope the year ahead brings you all you wish for. Love You xxx


debi_in_Hawaii said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Geez...I don't even remember 13 LOL

Rhea said...

Happy 13th to your Harry! My oldest son turns 12 soon. They grow so fast!

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