Wednesday, 1 October 2008

More Birds Of Prey..

Firstly, I must answer a question Swallowtail asked about the Buzzards. Yes that is what we call them in the UK. They are very like a hawk. They are magnificent in the air, but look so funny when they are on the ground hopping about.
Meant to share these other photo's I took at the Welsh Game Fair this year in the Falconry Tent. I love the Owls. We have a couple of Owls in the Woods that border our fields, they drive Merlin potty when they are calling in the night. But as yet I've not been lucky enough to see them.
I have another follower on this blog. Hello Deborah from the United States.
This morning I popped over to see my friend Diane for a Cuppa and catch up. A couple of her horses are quite poorly at the moment and she's having to inject them with antibiotics, rather her then me, I can't stand needles, especially when there coming my way. This afternoon, I've spent planting more plants in the bank. Will try and take some photo's of how its coming along tomorrow.

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