Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Great Pig Escape..

What a morning!
A lady knocked on our door this morning and asked us if we kept pigs, as there were two outside on the road. Told her no not ours. Rang our neighbour Jack and asked him if they were his. He said no, but thought they may belong to the small holding that backs on to us.
So what do we do, being good neighbours decide if we can get them in the drive and shut the gate at least they will be safe until we can find the owners. It was pouring with rain and I was more worried that they would run into the path of a car and cause a nasty accident. So down the drive I go and out into the lay by. Can't see any pigs, so we get in the Jeep and drive slowly up the road and take the little turning, that leads to the small holding behind us. We find a car parked diagonally across the lane and the frantic owners trying to round up the pigs. Which have now gone into their neighbours garden and are busy eating all the plants and apples off the tree. Well the chase was on, but every time they got to them to the gate the little buggers turned round and run off again up the drive.. Eventually they managed to steer one out of the gate and off it trotted home, closely followed by Andy its owner. By the time he got back their other friends had pulled up behind us and were also trying to catch the other pig. Who had also decided that it had had enough and also trotted back down to its home. We got in the Jeep and followed closely behind in case Piggy decided to do an about turn. Lucky for us the lane narrows down with just enough room to get a car down, so even if Piggy had decided to turn there was nowhere for it to go. They steered them round into their stable and relocked the door. Once all the excitement was over, asked the owners how on earth the pigs had managed to escape. They have a feeling that someone is letting them out. I can understand why as there is a kick bolt on the bottom of the door and a push bolt on the top, which has a clip bolt through it. The stable is made from block walls which are at least 6ft high, so unless Piggies can fly, someone is letting them out. Andy is fitting a padlock to the door today and putting up a sensor floodlight plus a small camera, in the hope of finding out who's about. Its not the first time they've been let out. Still at least they are safe now and none the worse for wear after their little escapade. Which is more then can be said for all of us, we were all soaked to the skin.

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debi_in_Hawaii said...

Awwwww...kudos to you all for doing your good deed for the day!

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