Monday, 14 January 2008

Work In Progress...

Yesterday, was a really miserable day, it just didn't stop raining and with the high winds was awful. Both the boy's are feeling ill at the moment, but Ben can't afford to have any time of school as he has some exams this week...
Have taken some more pictures of the Utility Room and the Farmhouse Kitchen. They are both still works in progress. As you can see in the utility room, Merlin our Newfie is after the cat's food, he's a bugger for doing it. Notice how he uses the washing machine as a step. definately caught in the act this morning. Still need to get tiles for the window sills, some painting needs finishing, kickboards need to go on and cornice/pelmet for cupboards.
In the Farmhouse kitchen, we still have to get the wall skimmed and finish painting the beams, but was unable to do that while the old kitchen units were in the way. Loads of painting to do, kickboards to go on, plus pelmet/cornice on the cupboards, plus my under cupboard lighting their another thing that have disappeared... (Remember the taps for the Utility room, well they turned up over Christmas, in a box in the workshop!!, need I say more?).

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