Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Flooding In Wales...

Meant to say yesterday, that due to the appalling weather we've been having over the last few days that there has been some flooding in our local area. The River that flows through Newcastle Emlyn has broken its banks and all the low lying fields through Adpar are now under water. As I write this the sun is out and its quite a lovely day outside, made quite a change to muck the Horses out without getting soaked to the skin. But looking at the weather reports, we are in for more rain tonight and the rest of the week. As the ground is already saturated I except there will be more flooding in the next few days. Outside our drive on the lay by, we have a steady stream of water running down the hill, I made sure the debris was moved from the drain outside our front gate yesterday. Thank goodness we live on a hill and our property is safe from flooding. Harry's scout leader's house backs straight on to the river, so I expect her flood gate is up and in use. The water was raging under the bridge in Emlyn yesterday and having spoken to our post lady, she said that they stopped traffic going across a bridge further down river as it was to dangerous to cross.
Ben wasn't well last night and threw up, think it was more down to him being blocked up then a stomach upset. He said he felt better after he was sick. Both Ben & Harry have got a cold/virus at the moment.
Really need to start work on some more miniatures, its pretty difficult trying to fit everything in at the moment, what with trying to get the house sorted out, need to get motivated. Also really need to start sorting all the stuff we have stored in the barn, mammoth job that's going to be.... I'll take some pictures so you can see what I mean...

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