Thursday, 17 January 2008

Car Service..

My car has gone in for a service today.. I know the brakes need doing, but hopefully nothing else will crop up.
Weather can't make up its mind today, it was raining this morning, now its overcast with the sun trying to peek through, but there are some nasty black clouds coming in over the hills. Lets hope they blow over.
These Pictures are of the boot room, another out building jam packed with stuff, this also houses our big chest freezer. I eventually want to turn this into an office or craft room. If I can get galvanised today, think I might start sorting this room out, there's loads of stuff that's been put in there that shouldn't have been, fold up garden chairs etc. When we first came here, there was a resident RAT, yes I did say Rat. I went out to the freezer one day and heard some scratching, I thought one of the cats had followed me in, until the Rat decided to literally run up the wall and exit through the ceiling, frightened the life out of me.. He or She is no longer, as I put enough poison in there to kill a herd of Elephants. Plus the cats have full access to this room now, as you can see in the picture O'Malley laying on a box in the window. (the poison has been removed).
Well the clouds didn't blow over and its now pouring down. I'm off to see what I can do in the Boot room.........

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