Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year....

Well sorry for not updating but we've had a lot going on here over the holiday....
Mick's parents came up Boxing day, we went out to Carmathen on the 27th, so that the boys could spend their Christmas money. Harry brought a couple of games for his wii and Ben brought himself the XBOX Elite and a couple of games. Mick and I managed to get the light fittings for the lounge, with I was over the moon with as we have had a bare light bulbs hanging in there for months. Mick's parent's brought us a new flat screen TV, as ours has been on the blink for ages, and also a new microwave as our one had gone a bit funny inside and you could see the bare metal under the glass dish where the enamel had lifted. I also stocked up on half price Christmas Decorations and Cards for next year.. My friend Tash (The Boot Sale Queen) has been ringing me after her shopping trips to tell me about all the bargains she's been picking up in the sale, I reckon she could start her own shop..
Mick's parents left early on 30th December and Ben's girlfriend Katie arrived the same day. Harry went to stay at his friend Paul's house for the evening, dropped him off on the way to Bristol Airport to pick up Katie. Apparently, she was really worried about meeting us but she seems ok now. New Years Eve, Ben & Katie went into Newcastle Emlyn for a wander round, Ben showed Katie were he goes to school and walked her round the town and castle. Mick & I popped to Tesco's at Cardigan for some milk and fridge bits and the place was packed. Got back unpacked the shopping , went to Emlyn to pick Katie & Ben up, came back and our lounge lights started flashing, then all the power went out in the whole of our village. I wouldn't have minded but I had a joint of meat in the oven cooking, luckily it was only off for about an hour, it was quite cosy sitting down in the candlelight. New Years Eve we had a quiet evening in, watched a film Hairspray, that Katie brought down with her and then the countdown on Big Ben. Picked Ben's friend Dyfrig up at 2am from his girlfriends and he stayed the night here. Finally got to bed around 3am.
Yesterday cooked another big meal and we all had a relaxing afternoon, Dyfrig's mum picked him up around 6pm.
Today, dropped Katie & Ben off in Emlyn so that they could catch the bus into Carmarthen where they were meeting up with Ben's friends and then they are going back to Dyfrig's house and we will pick them up from there about 8pm tonight. Our friend Rachael called over this morning for a cuppa and chat up, which was nice. I also caught up with some other friends via email and phone while the computer and phone was kid free.

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