Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Last night we had a major flood in the downstairs shower room, as fast as I was mopping up the water more was appearing. We rang our plumber Derek who came out straight away. He had to take one of the tiles of the wall to get at the pipework. It turns out that it was a faulty connector and it had literally unscrewed its self in the wall. Luckily the tile came of in one piece, I had visions of it breaking and having to go out and get another pack of tiles. Derek then filled up the central heating system again and went round and bled all the radiators to make sure everything was working OK and no more leaks.. He didn't charge me a penny, as he said it was down to the faulty valve connector which he'd fitted. I offered to pay for his petrol but he was adamant that he didn't want anything.
Today I've just been sorting out washing, stripping beds and the like. I've also managed to get loads of information loaded on to my other blog Hericus Miniature Shetlands. I put a blog counter on it yesterday and it already had 60 hits.
Nothing much else to tell you really, will update tomorrow.

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