Thursday, 16 August 2007

Telephone Line

My friend Diane rang me this morning on my mobile to tell me that our home phone is out of order again. We can ring out & use the broadband but no one can ring in. We been having trouble for days with crossed lines & we can hear other people's conversations, but they can't hear us. Apparently its a fault at the exchange and not us. We've only just had all the cables from the telegraph pole to the house replaced, cause they were rotting away. All calls have now been automatically redirected to my mobile at no extra cost to me or the caller. Rang the fault line this afternoon and they are coming out tomorrow to fix it again!!!
Popped to Carmarthen this afternoon as we needed another cupboard for the kitchen, managed to get the carcase but not the door, so will have to have a trip to Swansea. The Kitchen is getting there, will try & take some pictures tomorrow.
Really looking forward to tomorrow, my friend is coming to stay, it will be lovely to catch up. Best I have a quick wipe round with the hoover...

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