Thursday, 2 August 2007

Making Hay!

Mark came to turn the Hay again this morning and said they would be baling this afternoon. Went out quick to post some parcels & get some shopping. Decided we'd eat early as once we start bringing in the Hay the time flies.
Spent a couple of hours this afternoon reading the new Harry Potter to Mick & the boys, while we were waiting for Mark to turn up.
Mark & Tony then arrived and Tony put the Hay into lines and Mark followed him to Bale. We then followed in the Jeep with the trailer hitched up to start bringing the Hay in. Its a mammoth job & I'm not too sure whether its all going to go in the barn!
The boys enjoy riding in the trailer & loading it but not lifting the bales as they are really heavy. I don't know what we'd do without Ben helping, hes so strong & can lift the bales that I can't. We started to put the hay in the barn tonight and did two loads. God knows how long its going to take us tomorrow to get the rest in, but get it in we must as the weather is about to turn again and we can't afford for it to get wet. By the time we've finished I'll have muscles like Arnie! So much for me resting my back....

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