Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Catch Up...

Sunday Harry went to a Paintball Party at Cenarth for his friend Calder, then they all went back to Calders for a Barbecue. We went to pick him & his other friend Toby up at 8pm and ended up bringing Calder back to ours to stay the night. Popped in to see Sadie, when we dropped Toby off and got totally covered in kisses by their Huskies. (Sorry Mick you can't have one).
Monday spent the day doing washing and listing some more miniatures on Ebay. Wall cabinets started to go up in the kitchen & the extractor fan is on the wall. Derek the plumber rang and he is coming sometime this week to move the gas point over for the cooker.
Diane rang last night and said she has a problem with Sheamus, first off Sophie's mum doesn't want her riding him and I don't blame her & secondly Sheamus has been kicking the hell out of Diane's youngsters. So looks like he's coming back here again!
Rang Karen this morning to see if she still wanted him on loan, but due to unforeseen circumstances she can't take him either.
Today I've bathed Cravat and got him shining for tomorrow. Its an early start in the morning, I've got to leave here no later then 7am. Ken brought me up a fresh caught lobster and I'm off to eat it now.!!

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