Tuesday, 28 August 2007

School Uniform

Well I know kids look nice & smart in school uniform, but my god the expense! At Ben & Harry's school they have to wear everything with the school emblem on, so its not a case of nipping to Tesco or Asda and buying a pack of tops for about a fiver. Oh no! I've just spent £160.00 on 7 t-shirts, 2 sweat shirts, 2 pairs of rugby socks, 1 pair of rugby shorts & 1 rugby top. Still got to get their trousers, new shoes & trainers & winter coats.. I don't mind having to pay the extra for the sweatshirts, but the t-shirts are a joke considering in the winter, the sweatshirt covers it & you can only see the collar. I really think that the shops hike up the prices cause they know you've got to have them. On top of that Harry is still growing at a rate of knots, so by spring next year I reckon I'll be buying another lot... Well not at them prices, I'll just buy the plain blue t-shirts.
Rang the Boot Sale Queen quick and she said they had a really nice time away over the weekend and found three boot sales and brought loads of bargains, good job you got that camper van Tash.... Apparently they came home loaded with bargains..

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