Saturday, 4 July 2009


Since not having access to the internet for nearly a week, I've been unable to give a big Welcome to some more new followers they are:-
Ozce Yagli who unfortunately I can't find a blog for.
Kathi who has three blogs but the one that has lots of Miniatures is called Beautiful Mini Blessings.
Chris V from Candid Canine, I've been following Chris's blog every since I started mine. There's some great miniatures over there..
Gina who has three wonderful miniature blogs.
More Minis @ Blogspot, My Willowcrest and More Minis @ Blogspot Links.
Fairchildart who's blog is called Fairchildart Dollhouse Miniature Food.
Mellz who's blog is called Less Apathy. More Cake.
Mei Ling who's blog is called Mei Ling's Dollhouse & Miniature.
Hannajaleijona who also has two blogs Hanna & Leijona Kirjat - Books and Hanna & Leijona. Both of these blogs are related to miniatures.
As always please go over and say Hi...

On the home front we went to our first Horse show today and had a great time, we have another show tomorrow. Pictures and results over on Hericus Blog..


Katie said...

It's nice to have you back!! I've been wondering how the Momma's are doing?? Still holding out on you??

So, when are we going to see some mini work?? Cause I'm sure you have nothing else to do right, hehehe. :) Have you been able to play at all??

Take care hun! I'm off to go see the other blog..


Debbie said...

Hi Katie, unfortunately no time for Miniature's at the moment. Had friends staying and been trying to get loads of work done outside. xx

Marja said...

Nice to hear you Debbie
hopefully, all the internet problems
now over
hugs Marja

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