Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Medieval & Family Update..

The weather was appalling here yesterday, it tipped down all day. But we managed to get loads done at the Riding centre. We had such a laugh. Harry, Donna and I painted the jumps that John has built for the displays. We also put a different colour base coats on the shield's that I've been busy cutting out, ready for the children to paint them next week. We laid out loads of dust sheets on the floor of a stable and ended up working in there.
One of the other Mum's also named Debbie is a fabulous Artist and she is painting some full size Knights and other bits to go around the place. She also has a blog and a website.
John and Mick went to the local wood yard to pick up loads of wood that they'd donated and together they built a Portcullis to go over the entrance gate and a Guillotine. Both look brilliant. I think we are all just as excited as the kids.
Unfortunately, I didn't take my camera, but I'll try and remember next week.
Donna has managed to get some wonderful donated Raffle Prizes, one of which is a weekend break at a Hotel.
I'm also trying to sort out everything for Mick and Ben's joint birthday Party the following week! I definitely need my head tested..! LOL
Mick is going to be 40 on 21st August and Ben will be 18 on the 17th September, so they decided to have a joint Party on the 22nd August. Ben's friends are all going to camp out in the garden and little paddock. So hoping that we have good weather or I could end up with a mini Glastonbury. We also have friends and family coming up from London. Plus we also have some more Horse shows to do in between, Oh and did I mention I've got to finish the Kitchen. I've got so much to do and so little time left. I could do with one of those time turner's that Hermione used.. x


rosanna said...

OMG but I can hear that you are thrilled by all this hustle an bustle. I would, dead tired but so happy. Have a great time and try to enjoy it as much as you can Big hugs Rosanna xxx

Sans said...

Debbie, you are such an amazing woman! Just reading your to-do list tires me! But yes, I will be excited too . Such grand plans! I am sure you will pull through but you need a nice rest after that. Hope you win the hotel break :)

Marja said...

keep breathing........
hahaha ...i can not help you with hermione's time clock...
x marja

Marsha said...

I don't know how you do it! I lead such a boring life, LOL, next to yours! What fun you guys are going to have! I look forward to LOTS of pictures and/or a video would be cool!!! Maybe you'll win the hotel prize so you can relax after all your hard work! Hugs, Marsha

Katie said...

OK, First!! I love that last picture you posted!!! It speaks volumes!!

Marsha! Maybe if we all cross our fingers and hope real hard.....Debbie will win that much needed vacation:) I know it's busy Debbie, But you know it's worth it. I have been waiting to see some of these pictures of the stuff ya'll are working on over there!! It sounds like so much fun!!

What's wrong with a little rain? hehe...I miss those rainy days in Wales:<

Debie Lyons said...

Well they say if you want something doing, give the job to a busy woman LOL You certainly have a lot on over the next month but you will have a ball doing it.
Debie xxxxxx

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