Friday, 31 July 2009

Gifts From Tabitha & Susanna

First off I must apologise for not posting the gift from Tabitha over at Tabitha Corsica sooner.
I did email Tabitha as soon as I received it but forgot to post it on my blog.
Tabitha very kindly sent me some Chenille and some tiny little Skull beads. Tabitha made a brilliant Candelabra on her blog with these beads. Go over and take a peek.
This morning I received another little parcel from Susanna over at Elamaa Koossa 1:12. It was so beautifully wrapped, inside the envelope was three little parcels. Inside the parcels Susanna had made me a lovely little display of Toadstools with the tiniest Snail, that has already taken up residence in Diagon Alley. There was also some Snake Skins, Sweets and Lollipops for "Honeydukes" and some really cool shaped Lichen.
Thank you both so much Ladies and as soon as I'm back making Miniatures, I'll be popping something in the post for you both..x


rudoo said...

Such neat goodies! I saw that candleabra. I have been looking everywhere for those beads!

Sans said...

You are well loved, Debbie! That must cheer you up loads :).

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Lovely gifts Debbie and really kind of everyone.
Nikki x

rosanna said...

So lovely specially the toad stools. You are so close to all of us. Hugs

Liberty Biberty said...

Wonderful goodies from two very clever people!

Debie Lyons said...

Love your new goodies Debbie. Pics of where you put things please but I am happy to wait till the party celebrations and all the other stuff you have on the go is over.
Debie xxxxx

Susanna said...

So glad you enjoyed my little pieces. I have that funnel lichen growing right outside my crafting room... in abundance.

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