Thursday, 17 July 2008

Weeding, Walls & Kitty Katz..

Been another busy week so far. Started weeding the slate bank in the little paddock on Monday and finally finished yesterday! Needed to lay a ladder on the bank to do it! Lots of the wild flower seeds I scattered on there, have come up and hopefully will self seed. Must take some pictures, before they all go over. Still keep finding Ragwort in the fields, so keep going around pulling that out.
The render is now on the steps and the outside wall around the kitchen. Looks better already. Eventually, there will be coping stones on top and the render will be painted.
Popped over to Tash's today, took two black bin liners of Harry's clothes over for the boys. Tash's kittens are getting bigger, their little eyes and ears are open now. Took some more piccies. Their all really cute, the little cream one is still my favourite, followed very closely by the fawn one, who's ears have turned a chocolate colour..

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