Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Healed Bones But Broken Car...

Took Harry to the Hospital yesterday for his check up. Consultant was happy, that Harry's collar bone is healed. So discharged him from the outpatients department. Took Harry over to his friend Paul's after, but the car started playing up, lights coming up on the dashboard. managed to get home and rang Roy at the garage. Car went in at 9am this morning! Christ knows whats wrong with it, but it was making a very dodgy noise this morning. Said he would ring me later and let me know the diagnosis. I can see another big bill looming. Oh Joy, not...
Ben & Katie have gone off to Carmarthen for the day, to meet up with Ben's friends, so have no idea what time they will be back this evening. Harry's over Paul's and will be brought back later this evening. So what am I doing, working outside cause the weather today is wonderful.
Had a letter this week, to say that our water supply is being turned off from 9am in the morning until approx 4pm. There is a major leak somewhere in the village and that's what their hoping to fix. So have made sure that all the outside water buckets are full to the brim, don't want any of the animals going thirsty. I'll top them all up again tonight, as its really hot today.

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