Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Kitty Katz

Sorry no postings but ever the busy person I just keep forgetting to up date both blogs at the same time.
Harry arrived home every Saturday morning, totally exhausted but had a brilliant time on his school trip. Now wants to do the French exchange trip next year..Ben went up to Katie's on Saturday, so it was a case of pick one up, drop one of at the airport. Ben's flight was delayed by 45 minutes so arrived in Scotland later then expected.
Today, I had the blacksmith here at 8.30am to do the Ponies feet, after he left dashed down to Diane's so that I could borrow a lunge line and drop of a show schedule. Then back home got a load of washing on, then straight back out over to Tash's.
Tash has been looking after a stray cat, it had a big abscess on its face and she managed to catch it and get it looked at by the vet. The vet told her that the cat was pregnant, so Tash being Tash has thoroughly spoilt this cat over the last few weeks, feeding her buying her all manner of bits and pieces. Anyway to cut a long story short, the cat had 6 kittens on Friday. Took my camera over to take some piccies of the little bundles today. Got to say they are so cute. The runt of the litter is cream and so tiny that it laid in the palm of my hand. Two are grey with fawn on their faces, one Fawn, one black with a tiny patch of white on its belly and one is a Tabby/Tortie. How cute are these babies....

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such a nice blog.

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