Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Wheels On The Van...

Mark, the farmer that we brought the Caravan from called down to see us today, with a wheel for the Static Caravan. When we brought it, it only had one wheel on which we knew about and he lent us one of his, off another van when it was delivered so that we could move it into position. So now that we are ready for the van to be moved again he came down with a wheel to try on the van. Luckily, it fits so just need to clear out the van and get the man with his lorry to move it into its new position away from the house. Mind you its got to be cleared out, before he lifts it. God knows where I'm going to put everything! Just hoping that he can get it in the main drive ok. Tried ringing him today, but he's out on a job, so will give him a tinkle tonight.
The wall outside the kitchen has finally been built. It will be rendered and some coping stones put on top. Still got to build the steps in, up to the patio. Also waiting for our builder Colin to come and finish the kitchen, then I can get that straight. Went down to the local builders merchant yesterday, to get some cement and skim for the kitchen walls. Be really glad when its finished as the dust is getting me down.
Ben's been into school this morning, for one of his English exam's. Picked him up at 11.30am, after the exam was over, he said it went ok. Harry's come in tonight and he has had the results of one of his exams, he got a "B" in Music. He also wants to go to the Liberty Stadium on Friday with the school to watch the Rugby.

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