Tuesday, 10 June 2008


We've been having some beautiful weather here, so have been spending as much time outside as possible. Been laying the path around the kitchen, for the last couple of days. I look like a proper builder, ripped jeans and t-shirt covered in cement dust. I'm definitely not a girly girl. Run out of cement today, so took a trip down the builders merchants again, to order 2 ton of sand and another 10 bags of cement. It should be here tomorrow. Hopefully get the path and steps finished this week. We are due some rain tomorrow, hope it misses us. Once that's complete, the wall will be rendered. Also need to start the re pointing on the house, which I didn't finish last year.
Got the new cat beds today, which I brought on Ebay, hopefully the cats will start to use them. I normally find them, all cuddled up together in a fruit box! We already had the blue checked one, which Tab is normally in. Got these cause they can go in the washing machine & then the tumble. They look really cute all lined up in the Utility room.
Colin our builder rang us last week, to say sorry that he hadn't been to us, to finish the Kitchen, but he's got shingles.
Boy's are both looking forward to the weekend as its the Welsh Game Fair and we always take them. Harry's not impressed that he won't be able to do the climbing wall this year, because of his collar bone. But its a brilliant day out for all the family.

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